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YouTube, as the world's second-largest search engine and a leading video platform, offers powerful advertising opportunities. It provides a range of ad formats such as skippable and non-skippable video ads, display ads, overlay ads, sponsored cards, and bumper ads.

YouTube's primary strength as an ad platform lies in its extensive reach and audience engagement. It allows advertisers to target audiences based on demographics, interests, search history, and more. This makes it possible to deliver personalized content to a highly engaged audience.

Moreover, YouTube's integration with Google Ads makes it easy for businesses to create, manage, and measure their ad campaigns. Advertisers can use detailed analytics to track ad performance, user engagement, and ROI.

Strategy & Planning

Leveraging YouTube ad campaigns may seem a bit tricky. Still, they can be used both at the Top of Funnel as part of a cross-channel Brand Awareness strategy, or as a Middle or Bottom of Funnel tactic, moving a warm audience further down the conversions funnel.

TrueView Ads

In-stream ads run before, during, or after videos on YouTube or video partner sites and apps. They give viewers the option to skip the ad after 5 seconds. These ads help you drive awareness for your brand and products while people are watching a video. Only pay when a user interacts with your ad.

Video Discovery Ads

Video discovery ads appear in places where viewers discover content, like on YouTube search results, next to related videos, on the YouTube homepage, and partner sites and apps. They invite people to click on a thumbnail to watch your video ad and help surface your videos to an interested audience.

Bumper Ads

Bumper video ads must be 6 seconds or shorter and plays before, during, or after another video. Viewers do not have the option to skip the ad. You pay based on impressions. Bumper ads use a CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) bidding strategy, so you pay each time your ad is shown 1,000 times.

Companion Banner Ads

Companion banners are clickable thumbnail images that accompany bumper ads or TrueView ads. Running companion banners alongside in-stream video ads packs a one-two punch, prolonging your brands' on-screen presence with a strong call-to-action, even after the video ad ends.

YouTube Shopping Feed Ads

Transform your YouTube video advertisements into a digital marketplace by integrating a product feed into your Video campaign. This innovative feature allows you to display scrollable product images beneath your video ads, encouraging potential customers to explore your website. It's an engaging way to learn more about your business or even make a purchase.

Bidding & Budget Management

With the rise of automated bidding, it's never been more important to understand all of the available options. Click Digital will always use best practices and the available data to select the bidding strategy that will deliver the best results.

Reporting & Analytics

Our reports and analysis answer your key questions. How are our campaigns performing? What improvements are we making? Are there any opportunities to expand? We empower you to make the best decisions for your business by providing you with easy-to-understand data and graphs.


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