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In just a few short years since its inception, Snapchat has become one of the best advertising platforms when reaching audiences in the 18-24 user group, with 73% of users in this age group reporting use of the app. Snapchat is also the second most popular social app for teens under 18 years of age, losing only to TikTok.

Snapchat is a major advertising platform that caters to a young, tech-savvy audience. It offers a variety of ad formats such as Snap Ads (full-screen vertical video ads), Story Ads, Collection Ads, and Filters. In addition, it provides unique features like AR lenses and filters which brands can customize for their promotional campaigns.

One of the key strengths of Snapchat's ad platform is its precise targeting capabilities. Advertisers can target users based on demographics, location, interests, behaviors, and even the type of device they use. This allows brands to reach a highly engaged audience with tailored content.

Moreover, Snapchat's self-serve Ads Manager makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to create, manage, and optimize their ad campaigns. The platform also provides detailed analytics so advertisers can measure the effectiveness of their campaigns and make data-driven decisions.

Snapchat Pixel Tracking

Implementing the Snap Pixel can be accomplished via the Google Tag Manager. If the Snap Pixel has not yet been installed on your site, we'll work with your website developer to ensure that it is properly installed.

Strategy & Planning

We'll develop a tailored paid acquisition strategy that incorporates your content to reach your target audience. It's worth noting that not all brands see success via Snapchat ad campaigns. But rest assured, we'll review your brand and target audiences with you to see if your brand is a good fit!

Snapchat Ads Targeting

Snapchat's robust targeting capabilities include Lifestyle Categories, Lookalikes audiences, Saved audiences, as well as Third-party Custom Audiences, which are powered by Oracle and Nielsen. Options for targeting users outside of the USA are limited.

Launching Snapchat Ads

Snapchat offers a wide range of campaign objectives covering all stages of the marketing funnel. These include Awareness, App Installs, Website Traffic, App Traffic, Engagement, Video Views, Lead Gen, Website conversions, and Catalog Sales.


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