By leveraging your existing content and working with you to fine-tune your digital presence, we’ll reach your next customer or lead on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and the Audience Network. Let us develop and implement your ROI-driven campaigns across all stages of the purchase or lead funnel.

Reach your ideal target audience.

Strategy & Planning

One of our professional ad strategists will start by carefully reviewing your ad account. No account history? No worries. We’ll propose a custom-built conversion funnel, define audience personas, and implement your growth strategy for you.

Tracking & Pixel Implementation

Measure on-site user activity and gain real-time visibility into events such as adds to cart, purchases, and form submissions. Let us troubleshoot your pixel, set up custom conversion events, and help you understand how your Facebook ads influence conversions and sales.

Facebook Audience Prospecting

Facebook prospecting campaigns require a unique strategy since you’re reaching out to people who are unfamiliar with your product or service. We combine interests, behaviors, and a series of lookalike audiences to find the users who have the highest likelihood to convert on your site.

Facebook Audience Retargeting

Retargeting is perhaps the most critical component of your Facebook strategy. Say a visitor leaves your site without converting - they LOVE the jacket, but they're in a hurry. Later that day, your Facebook ad recaptures their interest and seals the deal!

Copywriting & Ad Creation

Eye-catching visuals, clear headlines with strong calls-to-action, and ad copy crafted to show readers why and how your product or service is better than the rest. We’re continually looking for that ad that has the potential to drive massive returns.

Split-testing & Optimization

Short vs. long copy. Broad vs. narrow audience. Video vs. Carousel vs. Single Image vs. Collection vs. Instant Experience ads. A plethora of bidding strategies. We test them all, ensuring your brand stands out with highly personalized ads built to perform.

Bidding & Budget Management

CPM, CPC, CPE, CPA, CPV... and the list goes on. Working with Click Digital means we are continually making changes to bidding and campaign budgets to maximize your return on ad spend.

Reporting & Analytics

You’ve got mail! Custom-built reports sent straight to your inbox, at any interval you’d like! Feel empowered with the data points you need to grow your business with easy-to-understand yet comprehensive reports.

Additional Management Services Include

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