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With over 143 million users in the US alone, Instagram newsfeed and stories ads are perfect for driving awareness, increasing your customer base, and sharing your story among a highly engaged audience, all through the Meta ads platform.

Instagram, owned by Meta (formerly Facebook Inc.), is a highly influential platform for online advertising. It offers a range of ad formats including Photo Ads, Video Ads, Carousel Ads, and Stories Ads.

One of Instagram's key strengths is its visual-centric approach, which allows brands to engage users with compelling imagery and video content. This makes it an excellent platform for businesses looking to showcase their products or services in a visually appealing way.

Instagram also excels in its targeting capabilities. Utilizing the same powerful advertising tools as Facebook, it enables businesses to target ads based on factors like demographics, interests, behavior, and location.

Strategy & Planning

Instagram is increasingly becoming the go-to social media platform for younger audiences, particularly those in the 18-35 age group. One of our ad strategists will review your content, products/services, and assess whether Instagram ads are a good fit based on your business objectives.

Tracking & Pixel Implementation

Here's the good news: Installing the Facebook tracking pixel allows us to measures on-site user activity stemming from Instagram ads too! But... after the IOS 14 updates, third-party tools are recommended in order to track all pixel events such as Adds to Cart, Initiate Checkout, Purchases, and form submissions!

Instagram Audience Prospecting

Instagram targeting options are virtually identical to those available when reaching users on Facebook. Target users already engaging with your Instagram business profile, create lookalike audiences based on video-views, in addition to interests, behaviors, and other demographic criteria.

Instagram Retargeting

Users visit your site but leave without taking action. Remind them about the products and services they've viewed and convert them using Instagram static, video, Instant experience, and dynamic retargeting ads.

Copywriting & Ad Creation

With Instagram ads, the image or video takes up the lion's share of the screen, and only two rows of text will display before tapping "more." Clear and concise calls-to-action are critical, as are compelling still images and videos.

Split-testing & Optimization

Short vs. long copy. Broad vs. narrow audience. Video vs. Carousel vs. Single Image vs. Collection vs. Instant Experience ads. A plethora of bidding strategies. We test them all, ensuring your brand stands out with highly personalized ads built to perform.

Bidding & Budget Management

CPM, CPC, CPE, CPA, CPV... and the list goes on. Working with Click Digital means we are continually making changes to bidding and campaign budgets to maximize your return on ad spend.

Reporting & Analytics

You’ve got mail! Custom-built reports sent straight to your inbox, at any interval you’d like! Feel empowered with the data points you need to grow your business with easy-to-understand yet comprehensive reports.


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