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Shobu Filho
July 31, 2023
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With millions of Tweets being sent on a daily basis and the ever-evolving Twitter algorithm, brands can easily be drowned out by all the noise. This is where Twitter ads come in handy.

There are many good reasons for brands to switch to Twitter for their top marketing channels, and this includes having over 145 million monetizable active users. Note that this isn’t the total user traffic on this platform. Instead, these are the users who see and interact with Twitter ads on a daily basis.

In addition to this, Twitter’s user base is constantly growing and the social media platform is very transparent about these numbers. More specifically, Twitter’s user base is forecasted to grow by at least 0.3% from its 330 million monthly active users

Some other interesting Twitter statistics for marketers include:

  • 20% (30 million) of Twitter’s Users are American
  • Twitter ad engagement rates were up by 23% in Q4 of 2019
  • Twitter users interact with ads 26% more times than other social media platforms
  • 22% of all adults in the US use Twitter on a daily basis.
  • 44% of all 18 to 24-year-olds in the US use Twitter on a daily basis
  • 63% of all Twitter users follow content created by small businesses

Twitter Ad Guide

Twitter is a great marketing platform for businesses that aim to drive traffic towards their brand and ultimately wish to generate leads and conversions. This social platform is an opportunity for every advertiser to promote its products and services and it can help reach every user who is already interested in what brand has to offer. 

Twitter ads can be targeted to up to 5 specific time zones and countries and 5 specific interests. By customizing your target audience for each individual ad campaign, your marketing goals can be reached in no time.

Since there is no minimum advertising budget and only a couple of easy Twitter ad formats to choose from, now will be a great time to start using this channel to market your business. In this guide, you will learn about the different Twitter ad formats and their unique Twitter ad dimensions and specs.

For your advertising campaign, you can choose the following Twitter ad formats:

  • Promoted tweets
  • Promoted accounts
  • Promoted trends
  • Promoted moments
  • Automated ads

  1. Promoted Tweets

Promoted Tweets look very much like regular Tweets but are posted by advertisers to interact with users who aren’t already following their brand. Like any other ordinary tweet, promoted tweets can generate impressions when users like, comment or retweet them. However, users will always know that these are paid-for because of the words ‘promoted’ in the left-hand corner of the ad.

Promoted tweets may also be in the form of video and can be designed to autoplay in user’s feeds. Also, if a marketer’s video is less than 60 seconds, then the video will play in a loop. In either case, Promoted Tweets will appear:

  • In Twitter search results on mobile application and desktops
  • On user profiles
  • On the timelines of targeted users

Twitter Ad Specs

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  1. Promoted Accounts

Instead of promoting a single Tweet, Promoted Accounts can promote the entire brand’s account. Think of this as a business profile that will be targeted to users that don’t already follow you and can help grow your brand’s reach.

Promoted Accounts are placed on the timelines of potential followers and the business profile also appears in Twitter’s search results and the ‘Who to Follow’ section. Finally, Promoted Accounts will not only display the ‘Promoted’ at the bottom of the ad but will also include a Follow button.

Twitter Ad Specs

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  1. Promoted Trends

Twitter’s highest turnovers come from the list of trending topics on the right-hand side of the screen. This section displays a collection of the most popular hashtags or topics and they are updated in real-time.

Twitter users can interact with Promoted Trends in the same manner as they would interact with trending topics on any other day. The only thing different here would be the spot will have the words ‘Promoted’ at the bottom.

Promoted Trends appear in the first few spots of the ‘Trends for you’ section of Twitter. These can be seen in both, the user’s timeline or the Explore tab. In either case, clicking on a Promoted Trend will lead users to search results for the promoted Tweet with your brand displayed right at the top.

In 2020, Twitter tweaked Promoted Trends by supporting static images and GIFs and making them appear at the very top of the Explore tab twice for every user on a daily basis. If the ad has been seen by the user two times in a single day, it continues to appear as a Promoted Trend. However, this particular adjustment has only been made available in 15 countries.

Twitter Ad Specs

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  1. Promoted Moments

Promoted Moments are kind of like Story ads on Twitter and these campaigns can be easily created on any desktop computers. Promoted Moments are simply a curated collection of Tweets that combine to tell a story. Since they are a collection of Tweets, brands can use this Twitter ad format to utilize more than 280 characters.

Twitter Ad Specs

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