The Well Project Increased Year-over-Year CTR by 52%



lift in conversions


decrease in Cost-per-conversion


increase in Conversion Rate

Doug and his team have been managing our Google Adwords for over a year now. They are easy to work with, incredibly responsive, and attentive to detail. Working with Click Digital Advertising feels like working with members of my own team.
— — — Evelyne White, Founder & CEO, SIXPLUS


SixPlus needed to demonstrate it could accelerate lead acquisition growth in three key markets: Boston, Washington DC, and NYC. Showing success to investors would build a solid case for an expansion of its private dining booking platform services into other major U.S. cities.



Click Digital Advertising audited and restructured SixPlus' AdWords account focusing exclusively on prospecting high-value corporate leads to fuel growth. Scaling while increasing average cost-per-lead was not a viable path to expansion so the strategy implemented prioritized reducing inefficiencies in bidding, increasing Quality Score, and maximizing ad relevance.

As leads started flowing into its CRM, SixPlus worked closely with the Click Digital Advertising team to ensure that all digital advertising campaigns remained precisely aligned with its core business objectives. On-going optimization led to a surge in cost-effective leads and Click Digital Advertising fast-tracked the launch of search engine marketing campaigns on the Bing Ads platform to deliver an additional 9.3% in leads at costs 26% below Adwords.



  • Google Analytics goal integration
  • Bing UET pixel deployment
  • Geo-targeting, device, and dayparting optimization
  • Improving Keyword Quality Score
  • Ad Copy A/B testing
  • Keyword targeting and bid optimization
  • Search Query Analysis