Increased ROAS 113X for SixPlus.com



lift in lead submissions across primary markets


decrease in Cost-per-Lead in AdWords


Cost-per-lead decrease by unlocking incremental leads on Bing Ads

Doug and his team have been managing our Google Adwords for over a year now. They are easy to work with, incredibly responsive, and attentive to detail. Working with Click Digital Advertising feels like working with members of my own team.
— — — Evelyne White, Founder & CEO, SIXPLUS


SixPlus needed to demonstrate it could drive scale of cost-effective leads in its three primary markets: Boston, DC, and NYC. Success in these markets would enable additional fund raising to expand into new major metropolitan cities.

SixPlus also required that the campaign focus primarily on business customers planning events for their company (ie - potential repeat customers) rather than individuals planning one-off personal events (eg - engagement parties, birthday parties, etc.)



Click Digital Advertising restructured the Adwords account to better focus on high-performing keywords that indicated a corporate customer type. Ad copy was rewritten to further emphasize the focus on corporate events rather than personal events.

Campaigns used dayparting to allocate more budget during the weekdays when the prime business customer is most likely to be searching. Lower budgets and bids were deployed on the weekend to capture some incremental leads even though the quality was less likely to be as strong as those captured on Monday - Friday.

We've developed multiple ad variations precisely aligned with tightly themed ad group and included key ad extensions such as Sitelinks, Callouts, and Structured Snippets. Through on-going monitoring of keyword and ad variant performance we continued to optimize for less costly lead generation.

In addition to optimizing the campaigns on Google Adwords we have also synchronized the campaigns on the Bing platform which regularly delivers an additional 10% in leads at costs 20% - 30% below Adwords.



  • Google Analytics goal integration

  • Bing UET pixel deployment

  • Campaign geo-targeting

  • Campaign dayparting

  • Ad variant testing

  • Keyword targeting and bid optimization