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Natural Skincare Client sees 5X Transactions, CPA Declines 63%

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Lift in Purchase Conversions


Decrease in CPA


growth in ROAS

The brand.

Natural Skincare Client (“NSC”) offers a growing line of natural, clean, unisex skincare products for people with active lifestyles. Made of high-quality, therapeutic blends of premium, wild-crafted herbs, and essential oils, these products are designed to speed up internal healing while providing the benefits of hydrating, cleansing, and repairing the skin.

The objective.

NSC had been running its ad campaigns across several ad channels with lackluster results, and a low ROAS (Return on Ad Spend). They knew that their product line was receiving positive press and customer reviews but was unable to translate this positive momentum into a clear multi-channel marketing strategy. NSC contacted Click Digital to achieve two clear goals: i) deliver bottom-line revenue growth, and ii) increase customer lifetime value through repeat purchasing behavior. NSC’s major constraint was a modest starting budget that “could quickly increase based on positive improvements in revenue growth.”

The strategy.

After conducting a comprehensive review of NSC’s existing paid media strategy and auditing every campaign that was running but under-performing, we implemented a new, more cohesive approach to driving sales across multiple platforms representing different customer touchpoints. We started with Google Ads and put a strong emphasis on branded product terms that would ensure that competitive brands would not poach searches from all of the positive press. We then restructured the shopping campaigns to optimize the placements of product ads for only the most relevant queries. The result was a 69% increase in conversions, a 58.8% reduction in CPA, and a 227% growth in ROAS.

On Facebook and Instagram, we employed a full-funnel approach to delivering qualified visitors to the website, introducing them to the brand, and converting them into first-time and repeat purchasers. Our overhaul of the account structure allowed us to test campaigns using multiple objectives and bidding strategies to discover what worked best. Our primary focus was developing new Top of Funnel audiences for testing, and we created over two dozen new custom and lookalike audiences that were deployed in campaigns. This volume of testing helped us quickly optimize our limited budget to deliver the most valuable visitors.

In addition to improved campaign structure and audience targeting, we also created new ad variants focusing on promotions and product bundles, which became clear conversion winners. Within the first month of our partnership, we delivered a 21x increase in conversions, a 79.5% decrease in CPA, and a 464% increase in ROAS.

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