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55% of Online Shopping Journeys start with a search on Amazon.

With over 2 billion users worldwide, Facebook and Instagram allow you to reach the audience which is most likely to engage with your business, like your page, buy from you, or fill out a lead gen form. From Brand Awareness and Clicks to Website to Video Views and Instagram Carousel ads, Click Digital Advertising® offers your organization the full array of Facebook and Instagram ad solutions.



  • Campaign Launch: Our account team will launch, manage, and optimize campaigns designed to meet your objectives.
  • Audience Persona Targeting: We design target audiences based on Demographics, Interests, Purchase Behaviors, and more!
  • Remarketing and Lookalike Targeting: Show ads to your most likely customer - people that have visited your website as well as others with similar behaviors and traits.
  • Ad Creation: We design ads to captivate your audience with compelling images and messaging. Every type of Facebook or Instagram ad is available for your campaigns including news feed, carousel, right-column, lead gen, video, and others.
  • Tracking Pixel Implementation: Facebook pixel code must be deployed properly on your website in order to track a variety of success metrics and build segmented remarketing audiences. We install, verify and test the code to ensure it works properly.
  • Dynamic Product Campaigns: For eCommerce companies this is a must. Show the exact products visitors viewed on your website. Whether they were Window Browsers, Cart Abandoners, or Purchasers, we can deliver an ad to help them complete a purchase or buy even more.